Ask Some Questions Before You Buy a Condo

Are the condominium unit owners satisfied? See if you can get information about past meetings of the board of the association; minutes will let you know how you feel about having a unit owner or staying in a condo. If you find that there is a problem that occurs on a regular basis, such as the elevator which is often damaged, or pipes that need repair frequently, this may be an indication of bad management.

What are the public facilities available for everyone? Inquire about the various facilities that everyone in the condo can use, and if they are maintained regularly. If citizens have to stick to a certain schedule if they want to use this facility, it could mean that there is not enough equipment for everyone in the condo for use. You can find Biltmore Square Condominiums online.

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Are the owners punctual when it comes to pay dues? Find out if the unit owners pay their dues when they should; if many of those who are late on their association dues, they can tell the condominium manager that there are things about the condo that they are not satisfied with.

What rules and regulations about renting:  If your plan is to buy a condo for sale and then rent it; you have to know the population of tenants in the building because it will tell you if there could be a risk that the complex may decide to impose a no-renting policy. Also, interviewed several tenants and find out whether they suffered unfair treatment from management.

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