Egg Donors What is the Process and Who Is Eligible?

With the increase of IVF and the many women who cannot produce eggs themselves, there is a great need for egg donors. It may seem a good idea if the reason is to help others who cannot have their own children or to the fact that a quality egg is worth a lot to a fertility center.

For either reason, it is quite an extensive process. Learn more about the process of what potential donors of eggs need to do to give eggs to a recognized fertility center.

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• It starts with paperwork patient. Most reputable fertility centers have a database for the receiver of eggs and they examined before using the eggs. It becomes very specific, so be prepared to provide details about yourself, including photos from your childhood to adulthood.

• Donors must spend projections of many other preconditions to advance further in the process.

• All donors must undergo extensive genetic testing. There should not be any occurrence of genetic disorders in your family.

• After genetic testing, patients sit and have a consultation on all gene tests was performed.

• Patients are also required to undergo a full psychological evaluation.

• After all the tests and assessments, egg donors go to the next phase to be monitored and medicated start induce ovulation so that the eggs can be extracted.

• After the monitoring period, when the eggs are ready, the egg donors are paid for their eggs recovered and the in vitro fertilization process begins.

• Fertilization requires the patient’s partner’s sperm to introduce egg in the laboratory where the process of fertilization and growth of the embryo begins.

As you can see, egg donors must go through an extensive process to donate their eggs. It is something that the donor must really want to do and all tests and evaluations must be passed with flying colors in order to give eggs to a reputable fertility center.

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