Funeral Cars in Different Countries and Cultures

The dead have played an important role in every country and culture in the entire continent.

For most people, a funeral car procession is not only the process of placing the dead in the ground. Regardless of belief, people in many countries continue to respect the customs of this ageless.

Although the funeral procession seems to be a habit shared around the world, the funeral car or hearse used varies greatly. And this is a reflection of the culture to come.

The majority of car cemetery in the United Kingdom uses the luxury brand of cars as basic as Cadillac and Lincoln. You can visit, to get more information about vehicles to use for funeral services.

In the East, a funeral vehicle may be white or gold, and some may even ornately decorated. As in the West, the funeral car manufacturers in the East tend to use a luxury car as a base, with powerful engines.

On the other hand, seems to embrace the Latin culture of death. They prefer open funeral coaches with side rails to clutch as they escort their loved ones for their burial place. This is perhaps not so surprising given their celebrations like the Day of the Dead.

In Europe, the majority of funeral vehicles are based on commercial vans. In the past, they used to convert a funeral coach van medium. Currently, Mercedes-Benz van is quite common.

In recent times, the funeral coach continues to grow. In fact, motor-hearse plus side is becoming more popular these days. These types of funeral coaches are often used for the funeral procession of motorcycle enthusiasts.

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