Guide for Timber Flooring Buyers

Does the company have a website? This is important because it is a shop window for the company’s work and sincerity about how they conduct their business. But beware it may not contain all the work by companies that have a website.

Have a picture of the deck have been taken and built by the company? Make sure that you can see something you like, which has been built by the company. Remember, it’s just a picture, perhaps featuring the work of other companies.

If it looks good in the brochure, ask to speak to the owner to get a recommendation. If you can see it, it will be worth it. If you are looking for custom timber online then you can look at this site.

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Do they have a good cross-section of projects that demonstrate their ability? If a company gallery shows mainly flat on the ground deck then that is what they build. If you need something more complicated if the increase or in the water then you should look for companies that demonstrated that it can build the wood structure.

Is the company qualified and insured to carry out your work? Anyone can pay to become a member of the association. However, the quality organization, the audit process and procedures and have insurance to protect customers, are the ones who should speak.

What is PEFC and FSC chain of custody means full? This certification is described in the section of our quality.

But for a while, if you want to buy certified timber from sustainable sources where the chain from the forest to customers is genuine, then you have to ask the chain several prisoners (COC) on their documents. Certified wood cannot be shipped to you as certified if the company you are buying from is not PEFC or FSC registered.

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