Island Hopping Guide – Cebu Island Hopping Adventure

Cebu City is known for having lots of tourist destinations both inside and outside metro Cebu. Cebu is also known for its wonderful and grandest festival in the country which is Sinulog Festival. Aside from that and the beaches in the South and North of Cebu, there’s another reason why Cebu is one of the best places to visit is because of its amazing and awesome islands and islets. Cebu island hopping is a very well-known activity in the City. Lots of local tourist and foreign tourists are traveling to Cebu to have fun and relax. 

Island Hopping Itinerary Guide 

First off, Nalusuan Island Marine Sanctuary, is a marine sanctuary which offers one of the best diving experiences in Cebu. The island itself is a part of the Olango Island Group and is only around one hectare in size. The island is essentially a private resort featuring extraordinary accommodations, foods, cottages built on stilts. When in Nalusuan you can swim around the island and enjoy the fishes and corals around the island. Perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

Next stop would be the Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary, it’s one of the best places for beginners in diving and snorkeling. It is a marine life protected area and is the oldest in the province. Here you can experience the best view of a collection of marine species. You will truly experience the beauty of the sea world. If you have a waterproof camera or phone, you should totally take a photo while under the sea, it is so beautiful down there. 

After Hilutungan Island, you should totally go to Caohagan Island next. It is a small island located South-West of Mactan Island. It may be small but it is paradise to more than 300 residents living there. Cauhagan island is the perfect place to swim and have a picnic with your family and friends. Here you can buy fresh sea foods and sea shells for your enjoyment. 

And to end your Cebu island hopping adventure, head over to Olango Island. Olango Island is one of the most popular islands in the Olango group of islands. During the winter months which is from November to February, migratory birds from Northern China, Siberia and Japan make their stop in Olango Island. Olango also boasts the most extensive mangrove system in the entire province. You can enjoy yourself being surrounded by the mangroves. Aside from that, the island has three major dive sites namely Mabini Point, Baring and Santa Rosa.

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