Negative Side Effects of Roundup Weed Killer

There was a study in 2002 which showed that the “Round-Up” weed killer is associated with one of the stages of cellular division important cause of cancer growth.

The evidence seems to indicate that the active ingredient Glyphosate is responsible for inhibiting RNA transcription in animals which causes embryonic development is delayed.

There are many cancer diagnoses attorney in New Hampshire who is helping the patients and their family members to get some financial compensation from the manufactured. If you or your family member is also suffering from the health issues due to the GMO food then you are also eligible to file a case against the company. You can find Monsanto roundup lawsuits through various online sources.

Weed killers have been associated with an increased risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma. This ultimately reduces the effectiveness of DNA and suppresses the immune system. It is a serious disease that requires extensive clinical intervention.

Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit Settlement

If the weed killer was encouraging them then it will be a very unfortunate side effect. It also means that there will be a strain on the National Health Service. All the benefits of GM crops would be wasted on treating diseases that can be prevented.

Liver Damage and the “Round-Up” Weed Killer

The findings have recently been linked to commercial glyphosate to liver damage in mice. This leads to leakage of intracellular liver enzymes. Of course, no such trials have been conducted in humans so far. However, there is a real risk that there will be a challenge to the general body of GM supporters when these findings were made public.

Contamination with 1, 4-Dioxane

Research has shown that Roundup is contaminated with 1, 4-dioxane. This is a carcinogenic element that could attack the brain, liver, lungs, and kidneys. This is another example where it is clear that there is a shortage of purity in the product.

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