Protect Your Business Documents With A Cold Laminator

Laminating is a way to protect important documents from stains and damage by sealing them between layers of plastic. While the paper was brittle and can require treatment, practical laminate documents waterproof and resistant to tears and signs of folded.

This makes a popular way to keep documents secure and protected. It can also make some types of documentation to see more formal and professional. You can also look for the roll laminator machine to protect your business documents.

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Laminating works by using a machine to put the film or bags of paper through rollers that the seal between the plastic sheet. There are two types of laminating machines – cold laminators and heat laminators. Heat laminators produce heat to effectively glue together the plastic to create a seal.

Cold laminators, on the other hand, do not use heat during the laminating process.  Using cold laminator has some advantages of heat laminators. The risk of heat damage through the document is non-existent and the ink will not run that can occur with paper printed from an inkjet printer. However, cold laminators can be more expensive than hot laminators. A special type of film used can also be difficult to find, so if you have an unusual size of paper you want laminated.

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