Purchasing And Making Use Of Glass Paints

How do you choose and use your glass paint can make all the difference for your projects. It is wise to know the pros and cons of the choice of paint before you make a purchase. You need to select the best quality fusible glass paint.

There are many manufacturers out there selling their products through retailers and online stores, but basically there are only 2 types of paint.

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First, though, it became clear that while you may prefer to use glass paint on ceramics, ceramic paint opaque and will not provide a transparent view is clear you might be after. Some ceramic paint also needs to be regulated in the oven, and this could lead to some health and safety issues if you are working in a group.

Once you’ve decided on the type of paint you are going to use you can choose the carrier: methyalted-based or water-based. There are pros and cons to both and the final decision really rests on the resulting display you are after.

Water-based paints are widely used in schools and with groups like the easier to wash hands and clothing and do not smoke. Water-based paints can be easily mixed on the plate to get the right color tone, though of course, you cannot ‘make’ white or black.

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