Seafood Is Most Beautiful When Kept Fresh!

How do restaurants keep their seafood fresh? Do you ask yourself this question as you eat?  Here we answer this question by explaining how to keepy seafood fresh.

One of the safest and healthy foods found is seafood. After the food is purchased from the market, or taken to the restaurant by the supplier, the simplest way to stay fresh is to make sure that it stays cold. You can buy seafood from best seafood suppliers via

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The most common type of seafood frozen at a temperature of about 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Knowing this means that the restaurants get a good shelf life to maintain this temperature in the seafood area is stored, and ready to cook. At the time, keep the temperature around freezing also maintains seafood without having to freeze it.

To allow the refrigerator to be used to hold other products such as eggs and milk, the restaurant set the temperature to stand at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It leaves the bottom of the refrigerator was very cold and the seafood stored there.

The upper level of refrigerators that used to house other items that do not need any freezing. The seafood is not mixed with other products at the bottom of the refrigerator as it gets contaminated easily.

A large restaurant with a regular stream of clients usually buys 2-3 days’ worth of seafood because it is the maximum time the seafood should be kept. Once cooked, consumption should be for maximum pleasure. In the course of the supplier’s premises to restaurants, food trucks are transported in ice.

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