Sunrise and Sunset at the Horizon


Pristine waters, colourful corals, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, white sand beach, and other adventurous water sports and activities. What more could one ask for? Ideal location indeed to flaunt one`s well chiselled and toned body, for which one has put in so much efforts and hard work. Beaches indeed go a long way to serve the dual purpose.

Some couples look forward to such locations to spend their time after the matrimony, away from the noisy cities and crowded places in the arms of natural beauty and serenity at beaches. The Beaches evoke romantic feelings especially being amidst swaying palm and coconut trees and inviting blue waters. The beaches here have a prolific variety of sea creatures which are usually not seen in other places. it gives one a feeling of being in paradise which is hard to find in today`s times.

During the daytime, the newlywed couple can bask in the sun, watch breath-taking sunset and enjoy delicious food and drinks at the beach resorts. The evenings can be spent by pampering oneself with rejuvenating massages or by mediating in a quiet spot on the beach. The days can be winded by taking long enjoyable walks along the shores of the waters with waves lapping ones’ feet under a starry night with hands strongly clasped signifying togetherness.

The beaches are virtually empty thereby offering all the privacy one looks forward to during this time. Warm weather and warm waters serve as an icing on the cake adding more warmth to the relationship.

One can discover such a beach honeymoon destination in Australia at the amazing private islands of Australia.

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