Vacation in Israel and the Holy Land and Why Take an Adventurous Holiday There?

Why do I want to take a small group to The Holy Land? Well, it is not that I want only to take a small number to Israel, but I do realize that some people do not like groups of thirty to thirty five, and that has been my maximum number over these past years

It is more economical, for me, the way it is, but then again I know the financial and economic not a priority when some people go on holiday and vacation. If you are looking for the Christian Tours Israel, then you can opt for the web.

Why do I want to take people to the Holy Land? There are many reasons.

For those who have done a lot of traveling, and who may have been on many cruises, and who are looking for something completely different, but with a touch of adventure and also relaxing, would be hard to beat visiting Israel.

Israel combines so many factors, – vacation, holiday, travel, warmth, archeology, history, exploring the area really fresh life, and because Israel is not a big country you can cover a lot of easily in two weeks.

To see all that is very important to see not involve long tiring drive.

Visit the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane was the most moving experiences in my own life, and I want to share this. Traveling six miles south to Bethlehem and spending time at the Shepherd Fields, one mile from the place where Jesus Christ was born, goes almost beyond words.

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