What Is A Poltergeist?

The term “Poltergeist” is derived from the conjoining of two German words “pattern” to create a distraction and “Geist” meaning spirit. It means “noisy ghost” and proof of such activity has been recorded as far as ancient Roman times.

There are several theories about how the poltergeist activity actually occurs, within paranormal circles a poltergeist is an entity that can communicate with the material world we are in. You may navigate https://puzzleboxhorror.com/ for poltergeists to gather complete information. 


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They were able to move anything, throw objects, make rap and knocking sounds, create odors, doors slamming, lights turning off and on,  flames breaking out and even touching people.

Poltergeists aren’t ordinarily regarded as spirits, but rather some theories say that poltergeists are mass types of energy that a living individual is controlling.

During ancient times, the evil spirit that was supposed a demon or any form of the devil. However, during the 20th century, some prominent scientists have done more research to discover how the poltergeist activity occurred. 

One theory is that the poltergeist action is triggered, automatically by human beings. The emotion, such as anger and stress from a person are deemed to be able to cause unexplainable physical manifestations such as levitation.

This causes people usually do not understand that they cause interference because the unconscious mind has somehow found a way to release controlled emotions through psychokinesis.

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