4 Ways Promotional Plastic Pens Are Used In Marketing

In this competitive world, marketing is not just about the amount you spend, but it hinges on your level of creativity and innovation. One creative approach that is gradually gaining momentum within brand marketing is the use of promotional plastic pens. In essence, one may wonder, how these promo pens work. The answer lies in the marketing potential that plastic pens possess especially when it comes to boosting your brand and gaining attention in the Australian market and beyond. In this article, we are going to draw your focus on four important ways that you can use plastic pens in marketing.

1. Start From The Inside

They say charity begins at home. With this in mind, before mapping out on how you will conquer Australia, you need to develop a keen attention on how to utilise your existing networks. It is advisable to start by focusing on the people who are within your enterprise. Whether you run a big or small business, the fact remains that you have people, and this is where you need to begin. Giving your employees and existing networks the branded pens works in two ways. First, it is a nice way to touch your employees by showing your respect. Secondly, it gives you a good test to see what you will get. Through your inner circle, getting promotional plastic pens with a logo printed on it will go a long way in reaching the wider market. Working based on the confidence you have in your employees, it will be easier to create newer networks using existing leads.

2. Get Rid Of Your Regular Pen

Never use any regular pens again. Whether you are at home, in the office or somewhere on the move, make sure that you always have your promo pen. In addition to carrying your custom plastic pen, encourage your employees to do the same. Whether you are attending conventions or trade shows, customised pens work best because they help you spread your business brand to other people with much ease. When reaching out to new clients, do not do it empty handed. Giving them a nicely branded plastic pen is vital. Alongside creating a professional touch, it also helps in boosting confidence and enhancing vital customer relations with your clients.

3. Shun The Ordinary

Marketing ventures that shun the ordinary and pursue innovative and extraordinary approaches always standout. We appreciate the role played by business cards. However, you can do much more when giving your business cards by handing out that classy ccustom pen. This works best when you are participating in event giveaways. In order to create a buzz around what you are doing, make sure that you focus on quality. Quality does two things. On top of attracting new clients, it also plays an extra role of retaining the existing ones. In effect, it assists in boosting your business image within and without the Australian market.

4. Participate In Community-Based Events

One way of building and increasing your market value is creating value in the community. This works best when you participate in community-based events. One of the ways that you can use your promotional plastic pens in these events is by inviting the community to stand with you when helping them to solve a communal problem. These events give you have the leeway to distribute the pens. As you hand out the pens, the community will find it easy to buy into your brand. Before they know it, they will associate your brand with the value you are adding in the community. In the end, this plays a major role in helping you to increase visibility while promoting your goods and services.


In conclusion, never skip to add promotional plastic pens in your mail outs. When shipping, always send a touch of your brand with it. This is an effective way of generating value and producing quality in the market. Instead of having to spend a lot of money in engaging various marketing options, it is going to be such an easy way of ensuring that you exceed your reach. Within a short time, the brand will sell itself. In the end, your brand will cease to be one of those existing in the market. Rather, you will create a niche that will help clients and customers to seek you.

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