Acupuncture – The Alternative Medicine

Many people have heard about acupuncture and know it is a type of alternative medicine. But most of them do not know how acupuncture works and why it is effective in treating some diseases.

This article gives an overview of acupuncture so that you can understand the ancient medical science is valuable and may know where to get acupuncture treatment when you need it. You can check about Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine through an online search.

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What is acupuncture?

As part of Chinese medicine, acupuncture originated in China. Chinese medicine is based on the theory of meridians and points. According to Chinese medicine, the human subtle body contains a system of meridians and points. Meridians, or channels, not visible to our physical eyes, but they are an important energy route.

Acupuncture treats diseases by regulating and balancing the flow of Qi. Acupuncture works by stimulating the points with acupuncture needles. In an acupuncture treatment sessions, which the therapist inserts acupuncture needles to different points on the client’s body.

Tools for acupuncture treatment

Generally, acupuncture needles 15 mm to 20 mm in length and 0.12 to 0.35 mm. They are as thin as hair. Different gauges of acupuncture needles used in different body regions. Various types of needle provided in supplies shops acupuncture and online stores.

When the needle is pushed into the client’s body, he may feel a little pain, but he did not have to feel uncomfortable when the needle stays in the body. The needle will be stored in the client’s body for 5-20 minutes. It depends on the Chinese medicine diagnosis of the condition of the client. The therapist can apply heat or electrical pulses on the acupuncture needles. You can find accessories in stock acupuncture shop.

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