Don’t Move Furniture by Yourself, Hire Movers in Adelaide

Unloading Large Furniture Parts – If your bed is divided into several parts, separate each part and easily move it one by one. This is also a great way to move other large furniture items, such as sofas.

Get Professional Advice – If you don’t know how to handle or carry certain items, it’s better to ask for professional help than to experiment on your own.

This can help prevent serious damage to furniture during the release process. If you are searching for furniture removal in Adelaide then you can visit

Lift Safely with Your Arm – Always treat your back and try lifting heavy objects with your arms. Don’t risk serious injury by trying to lift and carry something with your back that is too heavy for your body to bear.

Use Sliders for Heavy Furniture – You can rent sliders that can be placed under heavy items such as cages, dressers, dining tables, pianos, and refrigerators. The slider will make these objects easier to push and help prevent floor damage during the process.

Use Soap on the Floor before Gliding – If you want to move something heavy on the cement or marble floor, put soapy water first. This will make it much easier to move heavy items without friction.

Use Rollers on Stairs – When moving heavy furniture down the stairs to carry it up, use the release roller instead of carrying items on your back. These stair rollers allow you to simply move the furniture up or down.

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