Prime Features and Advantages of Investing in Stars of Kovan

At Stars of Kovan there are 345 residential units. You can opt for a one-bedroom, two bedroom or three bedroom condominium else a strata house. The one bedrooms are 506 sq.ft, two bedrooms range from 743 sq.ft to 764 sq.ft, 3 bedrooms are 958 sq.ft while the strata house is 1830 sq.ft. There is a property style available for everyone’s need, ranging from small to large, simple to complex, catering to a wide range of living requirements like never before. There are also 45 retail units of various sizes, from which you can select what’s optimal for you commercial activities. Here is a look at the facilities that you can enjoy here:
1. Upscale residential units that have latest flooring, kitchen fittings and sanitary ware
2. Location is in close proximity to entertainment venues and leading companies
3. Surrounded by Hougang Mall, Heartland Mall and Nex Shopping mall, enabling you to shop without having to travel far
4. Close to cafes and eating outlets such as Teochew Porridge, Punggol Nasi Lemak etc.
5. You can easily access myriad of market centers
6. Has connectivity with TPE, KPE, CTE Expressways, which makes commuting simpler
7. Sports center with bowling alley for your fitness needs
8. Just three minutes walk from the Serangoon MRT Station.
9. Situated amidst low-rise buildings which enables residents to enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings 10. Incorporates garden and green space that makes way for a healthy lifestyle. Residents can walk, jog or exercise in such places
This is a unique residential cum commercial complex covering an enormous 108,684 sq.ft. All major conveniences are offered inside this complex giving you a wide mix of facilities that will cater to your needs be it dining out or perhaps workout at the gym. Everything is situated in close proximity so that you don’t have to travel far. Since reputable educational institutions such as Xinghua Primary School, Serangoon Junior College, Dimensions International College and major companies are located close by reaching them is easy. The complex’s location is such that it can be accessed quickly by bus or train.

Benefits for Commercial Investors
Those who seek to invest in a sound commercial unit will find Stars of Kovan to be the ideal project as it offer all facilities needed for business growth. People can easily access the location and with a huge residential community near by, shops here will receive huge number of visitors everyday from all districts of Singapore. Various types of retail spaces are available making way for a mix of shops to open here and cater to varying consumer needs. There is a huge car parking space for shoppers.

Invest in Stars of Kovan Now – The Destination for Upscale Resort Style Properties
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have purchased a home or commercial unit that is going to give good returns in the years to come. The architectural marvel that abounds in this complex sets it apart from so many similar projects in the market. Easy access, modem amenities and state-of-the-art living facilities make it a potpourri of lifestyle benefits that will uplift and elevate daily life. You can enjoy an entertaining, fun-filled as well as healthy lifestyle here.
There are so many factors to consider when buying property but Stars of Kovan satisfies along all points such as price, amenities, location, facilities close by, future growth and much more. This project will be completed by 2019. Call now and make a booking so that you get discounted prices.

Enjoy owning property that is in an attractive location without making a heavy investment. Currently the price is low so make an investment right away. In the coming years, the value of a condominium or house here will rise tremendously. If you choose to rent out the property, you can enjoy a nice rental income. As it is close to the Paya Lebar iPark and Defu Industrial city, there will be no shortage of people wanting to rent out a property in this complex. Visit their official site here at

Stars Of Kovan at Kovan MRT