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Should You Choose Physical Therapy For Frozen Shoulder Relief?

Of the many options available for the treatment of frozen shoulder syndrome, physical therapy remains the most conservative choice is widely accepted. Physical therapy, if provided by a therapist who specializes in disorders of the upper extremities, can cope with not only the loss of motion and stiffness that accompany this condition.

A good program begins with an accurate diagnosis by your doctor. Just try to “self-treat” frozen shoulder with randomly chosen exercises runs the risk of inducing further loss of motion and increases the amount of pain. You can also look for the best sports physical therapy of NY online.

However, the PT program is properly selected patients with this condition can make a difference in his / her recovery, though it is almost always better to have “hands-on” care of a specialist who can provide joint mobilization.

The advantages of exercise or treatment programs designed well are education that gives the expected results and the development of frozen shoulder syndrome. All too often patients were evaluated by the therapist and then will attend 2-3 sessions or perform some self-treatment sessions and suddenly stopped as they observe minimal progress.

These patients will subsequently begin to rely on quick fixes like drugs that only serve to mask the underlying problem. In contrast, patients who understand what each exercise is intended to reach and understand the developmental stages of adhesive capsulitis will tend to stop their treatment and follow to the end.

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