Top Three Ideas For Scavenger Hunts

A hunt is a game that is played by two or more people in a group and it is played against each other as a group similar to the competition. The main rule for the teaser is to provide a list of things to the contestants along with the completion time of the game to win.

California is the best place to accomplish this game as there are so many parks and museums located and visitors come every year and enjoy nature scavenger hunt at National Park Tour with these ideas that are discussed below.

Pirate Hunt

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Pirate Hunt:

The step for this is to craft the pirate costumes and also make use of some simple props such as skull hat, eye patches, and hooks for your invited people to put on at the time of hunting. In this, there are simple clues that you can hide to find, for instance, skeleton body, treasure trunk, pirate flag, rope, and many more.

Costume Hunt:

There is a list of characters available to wear upon and even professional characters such as doctors, police, and so many. For this, you can make a list of all the bits and pieces or props related to each character that is necessary to complete their look like the way they want to be. In addition to this, assign a task and list to each player related to their similar character so that they know actually what they have to find.

Bible Hunt:

In this hunt, place a list that consists of Bible-related items. Apart from it, there is a requirement for the video camera so as to keep records of the things that you are able to find.

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