What Makes Fireworks So Special?

Sometimes far in the distance, you can see fireworks exploding where people’s money is used to pay for the show. Quickly the sky is filled with exploding fireworks and all you can see is color everywhere. It’s like a night filled with rainbows wherever you look. Traffic on the main highway is now slowing, the cars are backing away. The next thing you know is that more cars stop along the side of the road.

Then you look at the place where the firecracker and sparklers are shot, they stop with their show to watch this one. All you hear is an explosion of all kinds and the effects of light burning in the sky everywhere.

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Nothing is as beautiful as a quality fireworks display. When fireworks show diminished in America due to lack of funds in the community, and our leaders sit in their hands in the process, good local businesses can contribute so much to the community that will create unity. Fireworks do that, they unite the community, from the youngest to the oldest and all of them.

When you see everyone standing near you and children smiling broadly, that is what makes memories for each of us. Basically, what this means, memory is what we have, so make some with fireworks. It will always be with you. It can never be taken. Sponsor and attend firework shows in your community, memories, friendships are worth every dollar spent.

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