Basic Hostel Etiquette to Follow

Hostel is a great place to make new friends, enjoy parties and more. However, there are rules that are required to be followed even while staying in a hostel. If this is your first-time, then these are some of the basic etiquettes you must follow and never forget.


  1. Respect Others – As tourist keep checking in and out from a hostel, you can never know who your next roommate will be. Therefore, it is important to respect whoever the next traveler is going to be.
  2. Kitchen Clean – You will be glad to hear that many hostels allow their travelers to cook their own food inside the kitchen. However, you need to remember to clean the utensils after every use.
  3. Always Smile – Whenever you meet new travelers coming over to the hostel, it is important to greet them with a smile. Along with your smile, you should also be a good listener to others.
  4. Maintain Silence –Silence must be maintained once the lights are out. Avoid making any noise or using electronic devices that throw out reflection that may disturb someone’s sleep. If you wish to hang out with the travelers, then use the common room.
  5. Use an Eye Mask and Earplugs – If you wish to sleep like a baby, then get yourself a good pair of eye mask and earplugs to get rid of the noise and lights coming from your room.

These are some of the hostel etiquettes you should follow while staying in some of the hostels in Canggu in Bali.

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