Facebook Ads helps in Online Sales

Facebook has created a tool to help people to effectively market their business users are paid to advertise. Facebook has partnered with Google, and using their Ad Words engine created a pay per click advertising model which when used properly can help a consultant direct sales reach out to a targeted group of a new customer’s eager to their product or service. You can check out the https://browzify.com/facebook-marketing-courses/ to get more information about Facebook Ads.

Image Sorce: Google

Here is an overview of how Facebook ads can work for your direct sales business.

Onsite or Offsite link

Your ad can link to a Facebook page or off. If you select a landing page off Facebook, make sure that the page has the appropriate Privacy Policy and Disclaimers otherwise Facebook can disown your ad. If your company allows you to advertise your consulting website, you can generate traffic directly there, or to opt-in your own website to collect leads for your list.

Pay Per Click or Print

The choice is yours! If you try to raise awareness, pay per impression can be a less expensive option to get your ads on the market. Pay per click costs more generally, but you only pay when someone clicks on your link, rather than for each time your ad is displayed on a page.

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