Importance Of Innovation Assessment

Innovation assessment starts a four-phase personal development strategy:

1. Get to know yourself – determine your unique creative style, strengths and weaknesses, and how it fits in with the various creative styles that are determined

2. Get to know others – learn how to deal with other people who may have different creative styles, how they can help you solve problems outside your preferences, and how you can ultimately help them

3. Develop innovative skills – learn techniques of creative thinking, the process of creativity, and focused problem solving skills

4. Applications – face problems with groups to learn how to apply creative styles and creative skills into action

Innovative assessment helps you get to know yourself – what makes you unique creative, how you innovate, how you solve problems.

innovation survey

You may have a ‘taste’ for your creative style now, but that possibility has never been determined for you. Creativity assessment increases your awareness of yourself – ‘Here I am, as a creative individual.’ To get more tips about assessing innovation, you can visit

A good and comprehensive innovation assessment will tell you:

• How you tend to see problems

• How you produce ideas

• What methodology do you use to innovate

• How much ‘structure’ do you need in your life

• How you prefer to participate in each phase of the problem solving process

• How you interact with other people – what aspects of creativity other people see in you

• What areas do you need to develop?

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