When To Start Social Media Advertising?

Newly established companies by default opt for social media advertisements. The scenario isn’t true with well-established brands or companies. They’d have reaped success by having implemented various marketing approaches. To know more about best social media advertising agency you can search the internet.

But if a brand thinks that people still could not relate to its products or don’t have any knowledge of this brand, then it merely suggests that awareness is necessary and that’s the ideal time to kickstart the social advertising campaign. Here, there is no scope for any second thoughts. There’s not any other societal channel which provides better brand visibility compared to Facebook. Maybe, this is one such situation.

Another situation would be purely technical. A company would have been using digital advertising techniques like PPC AdWords campaign for the lead generation process and to induce conversion. But today in recent times, the grip that they used to push from those campaigns could have become saturated and the ROI could have steadily come down compared with the earlier times. At this juncture, this type of company can try their luck in social media advertisements.

Tactics to decode the Ideal time for social media marketing

Rewind to the years 2000 to 2005. Businesses could drive quality traffic to their sites in addition to generate more leads. All at an extremely meager sum. Those days, the expense of niche keywords would be anywhere between .05 to .25 per click. Those were great times. If you wish to loosen your purse strings and catch more fish, then the most cost you will need to spend per keyword approximately ranges between .25 to .75 per click.

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