Why You Need A Defense Lawyer?

Criminal law is not only for those who have been charged with a crime, but even those who may be considered a suspect. There are cases when a person has been taken into custody, without any cause at all, other than they may resemble a particular criminal suspect.

Although our law enforcement is supposed to protect all members of society and obey the laws which protect the constitutional and legal rights of all of us, even the suspected criminal. A Criminal Defense Lawyer is needed to protect your rights, and to address any violations of those rights, whether or not you are guilty of a crime. You can also hire professional criminal defense lawyers in Durham.

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A Criminal Defense Lawyer will always review your case with you. But, more importantly, they will be able to obtain all of the legal documents, witness lists, and evidence that are in the possession of the prosecuting attorney.

In criminal cases, the prosecutor will have evidence of some type. One of the common criminal cases involves drugs and weapons.

Not only is it important for your attorney to understand these laws, but to be able to argue, in court, the evidence gathered was not done according to the law. The Criminal Defense Lawyer will be able to determine all of the facts, argue those facts in court, possibly resulting in a case dismissal or the charges against you being reduced.

The primary responsibility of a Criminal Defense Lawyer is to ensure that the accused has not had their rights violated, and that they receive a fair trial. A defense attorney also plays an important role in the sentences, required by law that is handed down by the courts.

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